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Postdoc (gn*) / Research Associate (gn*) Molecular Virology and Cell Biology
Aktualität: 28.11.2022


28.11.2022, Universitätsklinikum Münster
Postdoc (gn*) / Research Associate (gn*) Molecular Virology and Cell Biology
The successful applicant will join an interesting research program in a cooperative working group of 10-15 researchers to investigate the molecular mechanisms on how small DNA tumor viruses infect cells and how cell niche influences infection and its outcome.
PhD in cell biology/virology or related field Background in cell biology or virology as well as high-resolution microscopy Commitment to research and motivation for interdisciplinary work Excellent publication record Expertise in live cell imaging, super-resolution microscopy, computational image analysis, and/or electron microscopy Experience in working with complex cell cultures (epithelial models, organoids)